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Sawpit Mercantile

Colorado's "General Store" of yesteryear located only 10 miles from Telluride on Highway 145 North.

Stop for Gas, Liquor, BBQ, or simply for small talk.

Come and see why we're called

"Colorado's Friendliest Store"!



Since 1897...

Sawpit Mercantile has been a staple in Down Valley life since its inception in 1897. At that time, Sawpit was a bustling metropolis and home to saloons, grocery stores, and restaurants. The original Sawpit Mercantile specialized in "mining supplies and gentleman's furnishings." Over time, the store has undergone a myriad of transitions...the Down Valley Tavern, a fly fishing shop, a real estate office, among others. Now, it's been transformed into providing great food, cheap gas, a good selection of alcohol, and wonderful folks who care about providing excellent customer service. 


Our barbecue is smoked the old-fashioned way...smoked outdoors...low and slow...on a pit smoker fueled by fruitwood from local orchards in Palisade, Colorado. 

Order Takeout

Visit our menu offerings and order online or call in your order to 970-728-9898


We'll handle it from there!

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