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Best BBQ In Colorado!

Sawpit Mercantile offers a variety of smoked meats, sides, and desserts that are available during regular store operating hours.

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Our barbecue is smoked the old-fashioned way....smoked outdoors....low and slow.....on a pit smoker fueled by fruit wood from local orchards in Palisade, Colorado. 


Choose among pulled pork, baby back ribs, smoked chicken, elk brats, and house-made sides and sauces for a true barbecue experience unmatched in Southwest Colorado.

Visit our menu offerings below, stop into the store, or call in your order to 970-728-9898.  We'll handle it from there.

We Offer Catering!

Contact us about catering


Jim Harley, Owner of Sawpit Mercantile and Chief Pitmaster, is largely self-taught in the art of smoking and is especially known for his pulled pork sandwiches and baby back ribs.  His “self-taught” smoking techniques were further enhanced through intensive training sessions under the guidance of Myron Mixon, the “Winningest Man In Barbecue”, as the winner of over 200 Grand Championships on the competitive BBQ circuit.  Additionally, Myron is owner of Jack’s Old South restaurants, star of the TV show Barbecue Pitmasters, and the author of several NY Times best selling books on the subject (Smonkin with Myron Mixon, Everyday Barbecue, and Barbecue Rules).

Myron Mixon & Jim Harley

BBQ Menu
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